Living Abroad

Going to a foreign land can be a bit confusing as well as exciting.
Adapting to a new environment can be challenging, and these are times like these when you seek help, and that is where we come in. During your stay, our team will be in contact with you and will be provided with all the information needed.

One thing you should keep in mind while going to a new place is

communication in different language. If it’s a language that you’re already familiar with, then it’s good to go, but chances of the opposite are most likely to occur as well. One should keep in view the details of the course and whether or not they require some additional language to be learned or your native language is enough. In that case, you might want to choose a language course as well so that you can understand better and learn more.

Our classes will also provide you with information about the country/city you’re going to and will assist you in learning. Before sending you to your desired location for studies, we will tell you all about the place, its culture, its standard of living, its routine, and the life of the people there and how you can adjust easily, without facing difficulties.

All information will be provided to you beforehand. Date and time of your departure along with the residential information will be in accordance with your selected course and institute. Some institutes don’t have a residential facility for students, and in that case, we will arrange a place for you to stay. Our students are our top priority and we will make sure that you do not have any issue or doubt left, if there’s any, we will take care of it. We also arrange an orientation in which you will have a better understanding of the whole plan.


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Points to keep in sight while studying abroad

Students who study abroad belong to different categories, some study on scholarships, some have other bases like careers, needs, merits etc.



It is always better to think ahead and plan everything. Avoid the last-minute struggle of studying and draw out a time table for your studies. Plan everything before and create a balance between studies and fun.


Financial Stability

Sometimes you overstep in spending while living in a foreign place which might cause financial problems. To avoid that, keep your mind from straying away. Create a bank account and save as much as you can. Travel in buses, do not spend on extra shopping, buy the necessities only.


What to pack?

Keep everything organized to avoid the fuss. Don’t overload yourself with extra luggage, stay light. Keep all your documents and pass them in one place. Don’t forget to carry other essentials.


Blending in

Connect with people around you, at your institute, at your workplace. Meet professors, attend workshops and multiple lectures. Join different communities, learn more and stay connected.



It is not wise to lock yourself in a room to avoid contact. Go out and meet people. People from different backgrounds and jobs. Obtain as much knowledge as you can by socializing. Avoid outside food and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



It is beneficial for you if you start earning or learning during your course period. Extra skills always come in hand. You might seek a part-time job opportunity, an internship, or some other skills or course which will help you in your career.


Alumni Testimonials

  • Consultants of this recruitment company have valuable knowledge to process the application for admission to get the visa. They trained me to clear the test and interview for the admission and visa too. I am very satisfied with their services and support so I recommend GGE for all students who planning to study in UK and any other country.

  • Consultants of this recruitment company have valuable knowledge to process the application for admission to get the visa. They trained me to clear the test and interview for the admission and visa too. I am very satisfied with their services and support so I recommend GGE for all students who planning to study in UK and any other country.

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