If you have all the verifications done, all the documents sorted, filled in accurately every information asked and also have filled in other forms correctly like scholarship forms etc., then it is not hard to get the visa but all of this takes time in processing and this should be done months before the application date.

Students might need financial support while studying in another state. By applying for the financial aid, one can lessen the financial overload through it.

Every university has their own eligibility criteria through which they judge the application of the students. The basics include your test results, visa, qualification and grades etc. 

Well, every university has about two intakes usually which are the spring ones and the fall ones but some universities might intake students more than twice. Students should just research beforehand about the universities and their intake routine so that they don’t miss the chance.

Studying abroad isn’t an easy decision as it consumes a lot of time, energy, money, as well as it requires support from family and your own psychological support. It takes courage to go to a whole new place with different people and environment, even the language might also be different. Not all courses and programs are same in various institutes and for that, we have our excellent counsellors to guide you.

We are a team which manages and guide you towards your journey with the help of our brilliant counsellors. We stick by the students from the first step till it graduates or complete the journey in the foreign place. We assist in every way possible be it financial issue, scholarship, tests, residential issue etc. we will guide you properly with the details about what every decision will do and what will be the circumstances. we provide support through the counsellors just a click away and they will help you whenever you need them. We not only provide counselling to the students but to the parents as well. We plan a strategy according to the student’s wishes and financial stability. Through our far spread web, we also help the student get internship or job according to the program and profile. So that the students studies and then pursue a successful career comfortably.

During the programme, students are allowed to work in part-time or full-time in a placement compulsory to attempt for the course, those specific programmes are called sandwich programmes. This placement also extends the time period of the programme by a few months to one year, depending upon the course and placement months.

Concessions and Scholarships are offered by various universities. These are in the most basic form financial aid. Some universities also offer a job on campus so that the students can earn money and support itself.

If someone doesn’t have the required qualification then it can apply for the foundation course which is for one year. If someone has the work experience but not the qualification then, that student can apply for the post-graduate certificate program, claim the post-graduate degree then go for further programs.

The documents or forms asked by the university is the application package. It usually consists of letter of recommendation, transcripts, certificates, and other essential information.

Most of the times, the students willing to go out for further studies already have a plan in their mind about the even institute. But there are times when the student isn’t clear about the program they want to choose and that’s where we come in and help you with it.

These are one year programmes especially for the students who wants to connect between their qualifications. This is also done prior to apply for an international degree programme.

It will very convenient if you ask your counsellor about the form and about how to fill the form. Students should be very careful while filling in the form.

We at Global Group of Education will provide the students with forms and students will have to fill in all the required information and apply according to the date keeping in mind that things like that take time to process.

There is probability that you get admission in a university. Get in touch with our counsellors to guide you further in such circumstances.

Different universities have different dates and the students who wish to study overseas must gather the information about all the deadlines or programmes dates. Keeping in mind the information before is better.

It’s just like getting admission in any university but requires processing time and certain tests, training etc. it differs in all institutes. Basics are the tests, your major, your scores etc. you should have your previous degree before applying for further degree. If you already have qualification required for the particular programme you want to go in then come to us and we’ll guide you accordingly.

Through sandwich programmes you get the first-hand experience during your studies and also before the completion of the degree, in an industry or organisation relating to your field and career what could be better than this. This not only helps you gain the experience, but also helps improve your grades and is very helpful in getting a job after the graduation.

There aren’t any specific numerals to inform the students about. The students can show up with the least sum of money, maybe equivalent to the tuition fee. In case of ambiguity, you may also consult with our counsellors.

Teaching Assistantship is about assisting the teacher in multiple ways which might include test checking and the student might be asked to teach as well. Through this way, a student can earn money and it will be able to pay his/her dues.

Sometimes the student wishes to choose a particular degree which might not go with the profile of the student and that’s why it might get rejected. There’s no need to worry. Our counsellors will find the right course for you in which you not only will be selected but also will succeed.

The duration mostly depends on the degree or program you choose. There are various short courses available that have short period of time. A graduate program degree will take minimum of four years whereas undergraduate program takes at least three years.

It usually depends upon the universities rules and policies but most of the students do change their major during their programme. Majority of the students tend to change it in their four year programme according to the policies of the institute. 

It is okay to be anxious or confused when someone talks about interview. The interview panel is, most of the time, co-operative but to be properly prepared for this and for the online video interview with the UK panel, our counsellors will be here. They will guide you thoroughly.

In this assistantship, the student will be under the assistant of the professor and will have to be a part of a research project. Through this, the university will decrease the fees partially or maybe completely. The student will only have to pay the other dues.

Every student who decides to study abroad further has some ambitions in mind or the career they want to choose or course. And we will help you make the decision.

That mostly depends upon the course you’re studying, whether it’s short-term course or a long-term course. The work hours are adjusted according to your schedule. During the week-days, the student can work for less hours and then at weekends it can work for the whole day. A lot of jobs are offered on per hour and not on monthly basis. If you’re not able to find any suitable job for yourself then you may also consult the job agency to provide you with the best suitable job for you.

There are terms and conditions on the student visa and according to some, if the student gets the a job after completing the programme which fits the criteria required, then the visa might be extended. However, in some circumstances, if the student start their own business, they can also get the extension.

Majorly the scholarships and other awards are based on merit and academic evaluation. However, there are some universities who award scholarship based on an essay they ask the willing students to write on.

It differs between the universities what they require but the basic are as follows: 

It depends upon the circumstances and policy of the institute and country. Most of them allow the students to stay and look for the job according to their course major. Majority of the students get the job at the same place they did their internship or placement year during the degree. 

Some departments work fast whereas some departments take time in processing and verification. It is hard to provide with a specific period.

Scholarships are not only awarded by the universities but also by the government and private sectors. The student must search for the eligibility criteria for all the scholarships in its desired course. The research might take more time, so this should be done beforehand.

Almost every university has their career counselling and support centre, you may discuss it with them about your plans. Also seek help from your teacher as well. They might help you with that too.

You can always apply for the visa again after acknowledging the cause behind the rejection and correcting it this time. As every institute has their own terms and conditions, therefore, some universities refund you with your money and some might not. Also the visa fees is not refundable. But no need to worry, as our counsellors will inform you about every circumstance.

Alumni Testimonials

  • Consultants of this recruitment company have valuable knowledge to process the application for admission to get the visa. They trained me to clear the test and interview for the admission and visa too. I am very satisfied with their services and support so I recommend GGE for all students who planning to study in UK and any other country.

  • Consultants of this recruitment company have valuable knowledge to process the application for admission to get the visa. They trained me to clear the test and interview for the admission and visa too. I am very satisfied with their services and support so I recommend GGE for all students who planning to study in UK and any other country.

  • Consultants of Global Group of Education are very experts and they have updated knowledge to process the application to study in UK. They helped me a lot to choose the right course according to my previous qualifications.

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