Student Life in the UK

The United Kingdom is one place which is famous for a lot of things, great monuments and holds historical importance as well. One of the major reasons for its fame is the education standard and institutes. Half of the high-ranked universities are in the UK and for which it is a source of attraction for millions of students.

Students from all over the world choose to study in the UK as it is preferred for education worldwide. Every year, more than 400,000 come to the UK for education purposes.
Because of the scholarships offered, the structure, the advantages, high-quality education and much more are the main reasons that there’s a prominent increment in the number of students applying and studying in the UK.


Adaptation of multiple cultures can also be seen in the UK. There are various colonies, streets and markets influenced by a particular culture in which they have everything. The UK is unique in a way that it can absorb multiple traditions and customs, blending them well enough within itself. Even though the lifestyle differs as per individual but they all have respect for each other and greet with a smile.


As the UK is already an amalgam of various well-known countries and easily blends in a different culture, there’s a wide range of cuisines from around the world. They Asian, Mexican, Continental, Seafood, Indian, etc. Also, the costs vary from place to place and the type of food. There’s a whole variety in restaurants, cafes that offer vegan and non-vegan, and even food streets have that option.


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The universities offer accommodations, but mostly during the initial days, you may be asked to stay in shared rooms or residence which involves the shared kitchen, bathrooms, etc. but arrangements can be made in some instances. This shared residence is an all-gender based; there is no gender-specification requirement. This can cost around 13,000 annually.
Apart from this, some universities offer semi-shared or separate room to the students.


Accommodation: £550 (may vary in accordance with the city or country)
Utility bill: £55
Internet: £20
Materials required in studies: £70
Movie ticket: £10
Travelling: £35 (may vary following the city or country)
Grocery: £45
Cell-Phone bill: £35



Education and Career in UK

Along with the major subject, the universities teach extra subjects, which contributes in the final outcome of the student. These course help the student to understand better and some of involves practical work which makes it even better to learn.
It is always great if you can work while studying mainly for two reasons, you’ll get command over the skill you’re studying which by the end of your degree will be extremely helpful and also to earn an extra set of money to self-support.
The hours for your course are scheduled in a way that you can easily work without disturbing your education.



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