This is the privacy policy for the Global Group of Education and the services delivered through this and other sites owned by the Global Group of Education. This Privacy Policy defines how we handle the personal data received from the applicants when they visit the Global Group of Education website. Please read this Policy carefully, because by using or visiting the Global Group of Education website and services, you agree to our terms and conditions. This Privacy Policy relates only to the Global Group of Education website. With time, we can revise this Privacy Policy and will notify our applicants of any possible changes by publishing a notice on our website. If you notice any publishing notice, please re-check our Privacy Policy before continuing to use our website. The revisit to our website after the changes means that you have agreed to our new terms.

Collection Of Your Personal Data

We collect your personal information when you visit our website and ask for information about our services and other general information. We can also gather data when you submit an online application for your admissions, or when you sign up for our newsletter service. In order to process your required inquiries, we can collect your full name, phone number, email, and postal addresses. To process enrolments, we can ask for your nationality, date of birth, education history, copy of passport, immigration history, and even ID card. We can also utilize your email and postal address to send information about any further updates on your application, marketing communication, special offers, and other products or services similar to those you agree to enroll or enquired about from us. If you do not wish us to be part of our emails, you can opt-out from it by informing us through email or by notifying us of your preferences via the options listed in the section below stated as "Your Ability to Choose."

Sharing Your Information

We may use your information to perform our duties and exercise our rights under the agreements made with our clients, and to keep you informed about any progress in your application and other effects. If you have enrolled in using our services through other consultants , we will share your data, test result, and attendance performance with them. If you are using our services, we will share your provided information with our partners. Please note that this is restricted to exchanging individual data only with the institution concerned. We will share your personal data only with our service providers who are part of Global Group of Education site or answer your queries and requests and also with other Global Group of Education companies to enable administration of application and processing or to permit them to notify you about any new services and products which may interest you. We may also need to reveal your personal data to third parties if we feel it is appropriate, at our absolute discretion, to comply with the law, to implement our User Agreement or this Privacy Policy, or to move or sell the Global Group of Education.

Your Ability To Choose

As stated above, we could use your email address, postal address, or telephone number to provide you information on receiving or managing your application or any other services or products that we believe can interest you. If you do not wish to receive this information from us, you can contact us by emailing us or by sending your request to our address by phone.

Global Group of Education Cookies Policy

What Is A Cookie?

A cookie is a plain text file that is stored by a server of a website on your computer or mobile device. Only that server can retrieve the contents of that cookie or read them. Each cookie is special in the browser you are using. This will contain some anonymous information, including a unique identifier and the name of the domain. The website you are visiting may set cookies ("first-party cookies"), or other websites that run data on the page you are accessing ("third-party cookies") may set these.

How Are Cookies Used?

Cookies do several different things, including helping you to switch easily between sites, save your preferences, and generally enhance your website experience. Many websites you visit will be using cookies to improve the user experience by allowing the webpage to "remember" you, for either the duration of your access (using a "session cookie") or for repeated visits (using a "persistent cookie"). When a website does not use cookies, you would assume that you will be visiting the website for the first time each time you move to a new page on the site–for example, when you type your login details and switch to the next page, the website does not remember you and will not be able to keep you logged in. Some websites may also use cookies to help them tailor their ads or advertisements based on your position and/or surfing habits.

Embedded Content

Often, we add images and video clips from websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat to help our clips. As a consequence, cookies from certain websites that we introduced to you when you visit a page containing that material. Global Group of Education does not monitor the distribution of these cookies, and you can search the website of the related third party for more information. Here are some of the websites that contain embedded content:
•    Twitter
•    Facebook
•    LinkedIn
•    YouTube
•    Instagram
•    WeChat

Sharing Tools

On the Global Group of Education web pages, you'll also see embedded share buttons; these allow users to quickly share content with friends via a variety of common social networks. Upon clicking on one of these buttons, the service you have chosen to share content through can set a cookie. The distribution of such cookies is not regulated by the Global Group of Education. There are current examples on our website, which include Facebook and Twitter.

What To Do If You Don'tDon't Want Any Cookies To Be Set?

If you choose, any or all of the cookies can be blocked, or you can also erase cookies that are already set, but you need to be mindful that you may lose some of the functions of that site. To do this, please follow the guidelines on how to turn off cookies on your browser'' below. For each category of cookies above, some instructions provide details on how to opt-out of some separately, e.g., Google Analytics.

How to Turn Off Cookies on Your Web Browser?

All current versions of common browsers provide users with a degree of control over cookies that allow users to configure their browsers to accept or reject all, or any, cookies. Users can even set their browser to alert them each time they give a cookie. The key browser forms and guidelines for turning off cookies on ALL pages are available on the website, not only on the Global Group of Education. If you do find the use of cookies annoying, we recommend that you obey the instructions on this page and turn them off for all websites, not just for Global Group of Education
If you would like to find out more information about cookie you can contact information commissioner's Office

Information Commissioner's Office

The Office of the Information Commissioner is the independent body set up by the United Kingdom to protect information rights in the public interest, to encourage public bodies transparency and individuals'individuals' data privacy.

Internet Advertising Bureau

Internet Advertising Industry has developed a guide to digital advertising and online privacy.

International Chamber Of Commerce United Kingdom

Details about the ICC (UK) UK cookie guide is available in the ICC website section


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  • Consultants of this recruitment company have valuable knowledge to process the application for admission to get the visa. They trained me to clear the test and interview for the admission and visa too. I am very satisfied with their services and support so I recommend GGE for all students who planning to study in UK and any other country.

  • Consultants of this recruitment company have valuable knowledge to process the application for admission to get the visa. They trained me to clear the test and interview for the admission and visa too. I am very satisfied with their services and support so I recommend GGE for all students who planning to study in UK and any other country.

  • Consultants of Global Group of Education are very experts and they have updated knowledge to process the application to study in UK. They helped me a lot to choose the right course according to my previous qualifications.

  • GGE counsellors were very helpful to process the admission application for study abroad. They guided me on all the procedures of my admission and visa application to be successful.

  • Extremely satisfied with the service provided by the Global Group of Education. A perfect international student agency, they are really trustworthy and have an excellent response time. They had done a great job in getting my Tier 4 General Visa for study in the UK. I recommend the Global group of Eduction to all those students who want to study in the UK and needs help and consultation.

  • The team of a Global Group of Education in the United Kingdom is highly qualified which provides the best online counseling services. They are an honest, reliable consultancy company to meet the needs of every person. I am very thankful to them for helping me in getting a Tier 4 General Visa. If someone wants the best online services Global Group of Education Limited is highly recommended.

  • The supportive team of the Global Group of Education helped me to feel more confident about approaching new challenges. They provide me with the best online services and help me to get my Tier 4 General Visa without IELTS and Test. The staff are highly skilled and trained and helped me through my studies and many other decisions in a very excellent way. I always found them cooperative, honest, and supportive. Thank you!

  • I am very grateful to the Global Group of Education and its team for its dedication and commitment towards facilitating me and my wife for getting a visa for the UK. The whole process was done smoothly. I am fully satisfied with the quality of services they provided through the complete process of admission and visa. 

  • I am Mian Waqar and got my Tier 4 Study Visa through Global Group of Education Limited. I am very grateful to them for their cooperation from start to end. They are very professional at their work and they informed everything beforehand and made sure everything was done at the right time. Their advice has been very helpful in getting my admission to the UK. Thank you global group of education

  • Hellow,My Name is Muhammad Sarmad Anwar.I am from Gujrat Pakistan. I got my offer letter from Coventry university Uk from the Global Group of Education London after that they helped me with my CAS, visa application, and appointment. They also guide me in my preparation for Visa Interview. From my experience, their services are very swift, Cooperative, and Friendly. Overall I have a very good experience with them. I recommend You to contact the Global group of education for Study Abroad.