Student for UK visa    

 To study in United Kingdom, students from different countries requires a visa, apart from those students who have EU and Swiss nationalities. Visa and immigration centre of UK is providing visas for study to international students from different countries of the world.  They have students friendly website and the process of applying visa is very easy and fast. It gives you all the important information which you need to apply for visa process. They provide study and immigration visa as well. That is your choice which one visa you want to apply for.

Different types of student visa for UK    

There are several different categories that includes short and long period visas. It valid from six months to years that are up to you which category you want to apply for visa.

Study visa for short period    

This category of visa is valid up to six months and can be extended up to 11 months.  This type of visa  is for the students who are going for  any English language course. This category is also for the students who are going for any sort of internship or cultural exchange programs. Temporary and short period visa are also available for short period of study for international students.    

Visa for school going students in UK    

There are study visas for school going students under the age of 4 years to 17 years. UK government is also providing scholarships for student of school.. There are many other benefits for teenagers in the schools of United Kingdom (UK). Students who hold these types of visa qualify for the admission for study in an independent school of UK. This type of visa is also known as Tier 4 visa for children. For the eligibility of this scholarship you are under the age between four to seventeen years.

Long term or general (Tier 4) visa for the Students

The UK General visa is awarded to international students who are at least 16 years old and want to get admission in the UK universities. Students visa for intermediate, MBBS, Graduate, post graduates, PhD and post-doctoral of different fields of study are available. Students between the age of 16 and over 16 can apply for this visa. With this visa, you can enter the UK one month before the start of studies the immense of classes.

The benefits of Uk General visa includes;    

1.    You can get a job in university premises under student association.
2.    You can also do part time job.
3.    You can also select job from Tier 2 general list.
4.    You can also get volunteer jobs.
5.    With this type of visa you can get your members of your family with you as well.

Application for Tier 4 General student visa

You have to apply for the general students visa process which is also known as Tier 4 visa from your own country. First of all you have to apply online and submit application through the web provided by UK government. You have to provide general personal information in online apply. They also asked you about the purpose of travelling to UK. If you are going first time to UK, you will have to book an appointment from your nearest visa center first. You have to meet UK ambassador in the agency. There you will have to submit your photograph and biometric information process.

Requirements for visa process    

UK government is awarding visa on the basis of points. For capability of tier 4 visa you have submit the following documents.
1.    Details of your recent passport.
2.    A photograph with a blue or whitw background.
3.    An offer from the sponsor.
4.    You have to submit your English language proficiency certificate.
5.    You also have to submit your financial support bank statement.
6.    You also have an ATAS certificate to study various subjects like medical or engineering etc.
Read all the details before applying for the visa process. You have to apply three months before. It is recommended to check your country’s deadline first. It will help you to get the visa before the deadline.

Application fees regarding UK visa

•    For temporary or short period of six months visa you have to pay 97 euro.
•    For 11 months you have to pay 186 euro.
•    For tier 4 child visa you have to submit 348 euro.
•    For general visa tier 4 you have to pay 348 euro.
As fees are updated according to visa agency, you have to check the recent updates regarding visa fees.

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